project cargo


Managing heavy lift projects requires special expertise, care and detailing. We have built a formidable reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and heavy lift shipments with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargo’s with ports, customs and transport agencies. We offer innovative Project Cargo Handling solutions as well as technical engineering services to manage the project completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of your valuable goods.

Project Cargo refers to specialized freight works that are oversized, heavy-lift or dangerous. We take on the biggest, most awkward, remote and complicated work in the industry. We do it because it is difficult and we love using creativity and intelligence to solve complex project cargo logistics problems.

Cesta Shipping thrives on overseeing special projects for all your special freight needs. We stand out in meeting logistics challenges throughout the world, utilizing our expertise and vast network of agents to solve the most complex moves. You can be confident your precious plant or machinery will not move unduly during transport. Our team of experts and professionals manage all your needs to handle the cargo project. Handling of any kind of over dimensional cargo by sea/ air is also taken care of. We have handled erections/ dismantling of projects/sites and stuffing/ loading/ freight forwarding anywhere in the world.

We find solutions for all specific customer requirements, project cargo service package, international multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, inland transportation from port to the project site, route surveys, documentation insurance. The true capabilities of a project forwarder only become apparent when transporting heavy-lift or oversize industrial equipment to inland remote sites, especially in areas with poor infrastructure.

Our comprehensive Project Management Services, rendered by experienced CESTA Project Teams include:
• Budget Calculations.
• Cargo Supervision during loading and unloading, as well as in transit.
• Consolidation, Packing and Containerization.
• Custom Tailored transportation consultancy.
• Feasibility Studies.
• Heavy Loads.
• Module Movement.
• Oversize Cargoes transportation.
• Project Flow descriptions.
• Purchase Order Management and Cargo Tracking.
• Road Studies.
• Transport.
• Insurance.
• Break-bulk.
• Full/Partial Charter by ocean and air.